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Due to the rising temperatures we are experiencing and air conditioner prices being more affordable than a few years back, we have noticed a positive growth in the market especially in the private sector. Pricing of our air conditioning products as well as quality of service plays a major role in our business and has proven to be the key to our success. We have a very positive attitude towards our competitors and believe that it’s the best way to keep ourselves motivated to always perform at our best! We have a wide variety of air conditioner products. Click on the quote button below for a free online air conditioners quote.


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LG Air Conditioners
Art cool air conditioners LG Art Cool Air Conditioners
To provide a comfortable, pleasant and well balanced environment, LG air conditioners utilize a streamlined air fan and a unique design which create smooth air flow from the air conditioner so that it operates under the lowest noise level.
Floor Standing Air Conditioners LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner
Floor Standing Air Conditioner units are best suited in luxury domestic or retail commercial environments such as meeting rooms, restaurants, shops etc.
Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner LG Celing Casette Air Conditioners
LG Ceiling Cassette air conditioners can cover up to 50m length and 30 m height. It provides flexibility of installation and keep the building in a good outlook.
Wall Mounted Air Conditioners LG Wall Mounted Air Conditioners
Wall Mounted Air Conditioners are best suited for rooms in a home as well as small office areas. This section details the various Wall Mounted Air Conditioners available at Johannesburg Air Conditioners.
Roof top air conditioners LG Rooftop Air Conditioners
Roof Top Air Conditioners are ideally suited for high load applications such as in an open office environment, double storey home, factory, shopping mall, warehouse, hotel etc.
Window Type Air Conditioners LG Window Air Conditioner
Window air conditioner units offer the widest range of air conditioner units and can be installed on a window or on an external wall in a small space.
Server oom air conditioners LG Server Room Air Conditioner
Computer servers are commonly housed in server rooms, while larger clusters of servers are housed in data centers. Proper setup and operation is critical to avoid hardware failure and a system crash in the heart of any organization the server room.
Samsung Air Conditioners
DVM System Air Conditioners Samsung DVM System
Revolutionising larger airconditioning installations in South Africa, Samsung's Digital Variable Multisystem ensures highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly air conditioner for commercial use as well as upmarket luxury homes.
Portable air conditioners Samsung Portable Air Conditioners
Requiring no professional installation, Alliance Air Portable airconditioners either cool or heat and can be installed within minutes by the home owner.
Ceiling mounted air conditioners Samsung Casette Air Conditioner
While ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioners have previously been used more often in commercial applications, they are now also finding favour in upmarket home applications. As the compressor unit can be mounted up to 50 metres away from the ceiling unit, virtually silent air conditioning is assured.
Ducted air conditioners Samsung Ducted Split Air Conditioners
With an indoor unit mounted in the ceiling linked to a separate outdoor compressor unit, ducted splits allow the cooling of several areas via ducts in ceilings or walls.
Samsung Vivace Air Conditioners Samsung Split Air Conditioner
Top-of-the range Samsung Vivace air conditioners add elegance to any room.
Window wall unti air conditioners Window Wall Air Conditioner
Samsung's basic entry-level units, these are available in heating and cooling as well as cooling only. As they require a large opening to be made in a wall or window, they are best suited for applications where provision for them is made at building design stage.
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