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LG is expanding the company's leadership beyond the residential and commercial business and becoming a bigger player in the industrial and specialized markets by providing total heating, ventilation and optimized air conditioning (HVAC) solutions.


Since 2009, LG Electronics aims to broaden air conditioning business horizons to the B2B sector, reinforcing its presence in the solutions business. Based on its remarkable previous successes, the Air Conditioning Company allows LG to be more competitive in the global heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market which provides total service from key components to business solutions. The Air Conditioning Compressor Business Team is expected to play a key role in the new integrated company. LG will seek out further opportunities for synergetic effects among units within the company, while increasing its focus on building management solutions, home networking and renewable energy.

Main Products


Residential Air Conditioners   

The LG Air Conditioning Company has led the global air conditioner market since 2000 with its smart technology and stylish designs. LG's stylish ARTCOOL air conditioners with replaceable picture frames add an elegant and personalized touch to any interior space. In addition, the health conscious features of LG air conditioners such as Neo Plasma Filters, Ion Generators, and the Smart Clean function help make your home healthier, with cleaner, fresher air.


Commercial Air Conditioners  

LG provides a wide range of tailored commercial air conditioning products suited to buildings of all types and sizes. Its Multi V Plus II is one of the world's highest capacity units, designed especially for high-rise buildings. LG's Multi V Sync provides simultaneous heating and cooling, with one outdoor unit, ensuring optimal temperatures throughout a building. LG's Multi V Space is also top in its class for being economical, aesthetically pleasing, and is ideal for sophisticated, luxury living spaces.


HomNet Solution  

LG HomNet is LG Electronics' total home network solution which provides a convenient, secure, fun and comfortable residential life by connecting all kinds of digital devices through one system.
LG HomNet, which has incorporated the latest LG Electronics technology, is providing a more friendly and convenient digital environment for the home, which can be controlled from anywhere at anytime when connected to a smart building solutions network. LG HomNet total solution simplifies the way people interact with technology, improving their quality of life.



LG Electronics produces 18 million rotary and scroll compressors, core components of the air conditioner, every year. The LG Air Conditioning Company also customized these core components which can be applied from residential to commercial products. In line with LG's environmentally-friendly philosophy, the company is also a major manufacturer of eco-friendly compressors.

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